Sandals Tiffany Orthopedia™ Comfort



Double the strap, double the fun. Extra comfortable and versatile design. This pair is always down to tag along on any adventure.

Chic and elegant sandals from the beach to the work, this essential will give versatility to your looks.

Orthopedia™ sandals offers a specialised fit to stop blockages and tiredness with style.

Shock absorption and arch support
Memory soles,highly adaptive, able to move with your feet as you walk and absorbing a lot of shocks.

  • Relieve foot pressure
  • Great traction and stability

Technology which guarantees exceptional comfort to relieve plantar tensions through anatomical support.

Carol Wilson Fashion house, decided to create a unique collection, with the unique goal of finding the best harmony between the wellness of an orthopaedic shoes and the style of fashion shoes.

Sandals Tiffany, are one of the result of this great challenge. Designed with soft and high-quality materials, these will allow you to feel comfortable all day with shoes that fit your foot shape.

Boost your support and boost your mood!

When you realign your posture, your whole body feels it!


  • Designed to support the bottom of the feet, the heel and the arch of the foot.
  • Reinforced flexibility to adapt to the natural shape of the foot.
  • Comfort+ insoles are flexible, light, non-slip and insulating.
  • Forefoot ax of the shoe slightly shifted inward so that toes are not restricted or squeezed
  • No protruding seams on the inside: no risk of rubbing.
  • Height of heel: 6 cm.

Foot pains will be an old story.

Wear the trendy design Orthopedia™ Sandals for all day comfort.

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