Orthopedic Leather Insole Women Sneakers


Orthopedic Leather Insole Women Sneakers


  • Perfect for wide and narrow feet (mesh are soft and stretchy)
  • Reduces feet pain and correct bunion
  • Lightweight, well ventilated, and flexible
  • Anti-skid, sturdy outsoles offer you the perfect Grip on any surface
  • Supports the arches of your feet
  • Comfort+ technology supports an upright posture
  • Fit for all seasons wearing

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 Soft and Durable Insole: It’s equipped with supportive and ultra soft insole to keep your feet soft when moving, just like floating on cotton candy clouds, light yet stable. The ergonomic design for Women’s feet protects the ankle and feet from injury. Say goodbye to sweat & discomfort as you stay active and on your feet all day.

✓ 3-ARCH SUPPORT Designed by Professional Podiatrists & Orthopedists, these sandals move angled toes back to their original positions and realign bone positioning while keeping your feet comfortable, pain-free and good-looking!

✓ Bunion Corrector: Special big toe strap relieves bunion pain, helps correct and realign them, prevents bunions from forming and prevents other future toe problems.

 Breathable Mesh Upper: There are thousands of ventilation holes on the knitted upper to make your feet more refreshing and cooling. We use new overall shuttle weaving technology in the upper to provide high elasticity and reinforce it with thermofuse for better durability.

 Slip On Shoes for Women: If you’ve never tried slip on sneakers, they are simply life-changer. If you already have a bunch of pairs, it never hurts to have more. No need to tie your shoes is very convenient for life. The Role Of Shoelaces Is Decoration.

 Non Slip Outsole: Upgraded outsole combines MD and PU which greatly enhances elasticity, wear resistance and anti-slip. Each walking shoe weighs merely 150 grams to 231 grams (varies for different sizes) which consumes less energy for the step is lighter. The anti-skid grooves on the bottom creates traction and provides impact cushioning, anti-twist, abrasion-resistant, and anti-slip perform with the ground, ideal for daily activites.

✓ Giving A Warm Feeling To Both Feet: The high-top design, effectively reducing heat loss by 75%, keeping your feet warm all day!


✓ Relax your whole body through better balance and posture

✓ Enjoy the lightness and comfort of going barefoot

✓ Show off your stylish side at work, play or exercise

✓ SUPER LIGHT ON YOUR FEET:Our breathable loafers give you great support with a skid resistance rubber sole, lowering the impact when you walk, making you feel lighter when you are on your feet.

✓ PERFECT FOR WIDE FEET:Made with stretchable material to cater for E to EE width feet

✓ HIGH QUALITY: It has an innovative air-cushioned sole that made from soft high quality patented materials and slip-resistant.

*Please measure your feet instead of your shoes to ensure accurate sizing, we do not accept returns for false measurement

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